Drag and drop the resource cards
onto the game board to help
Anna and Joomy
build a road to the chuppah!
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More wedding information!

Hello there! As you may have gathered, we, Anna Blech and Joomy Korkut, are getting married!

The game above is a mini variant of one of our favorite board games, Settlers of Catan. We like the game so much that Anna mentioned it in her dating profile and Joomy referenced it in his first message to her in 2017!

Part 1: New York.
September 4th, 2022.

Travel & Lodging

The wedding in New York City is at Terrace on the Park, 52-11 111th St, Queens, NY 11368, right next to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Our event will be in the Terrace Suite, which is on the ground level, on your right when you enter the building.

The venue is accessible via subway. You can take the 7 line, get off the train at the 111th Street Station, and walk southwards on 111th St for about 15 minutes.

But, if it is an option for you, sharing a car ride or taxi with other guests will probably be the most convenient. The venue has free parking.

Since the venue is so close to the city, we do not have a recommended hotel or a lodging option with a discount. The venue is very close to LaGuardia Airport, and fairly close to JFK, so there are airport hotels nearby for those who do not have Labor Day off and need to make a quick getaway. For those whose employers respect federal holidays, there are many other options that let you explore the city.


The ceremony begins at 3:45pm, so please plan to arrive at 3:30pm. The ceremony will be followed by a cocktail hour and dinner, which will end at 10pm.

Vaccination Mandate

To protect you, our guests, and our families, we are requiring COVID vaccines, boosters, and negative PCR tests taken within 48 hours of the wedding. You can upload your vaccine card here and your PCR test result here. If either of these rules present a problem, please contact us at korkutblech@gmail.com, or contact one of us directly.

Part 2: Bursa, Turkey.
September 10th, 2022.

Travel & Lodging

The wedding in Bursa is at Heybeli Otel, Çağrışan, Saygı Sokak 3/A, 16960 Mudanya/Bursa, Turkey.

If you already live in Bursa, your best bet is to drive, but there is also public transportation if you need it. If you live in Istanbul, the easiest way to get to the hotel is to take the İDO or BUDO ferries from Istanbul to Mudanya or Güzelyalı, and then to take a taxi to the hotel.

If you do not live in Turkey, or if you are a non-Turkish friend of ours who wants to come to our wedding in Turkey, please let us know. We might be able to provide accommodation for you. The alternative option is to book a room in the Heybeli Otel, where you will have a discount. We can also coordinate flights with you.

We are considering planning trips to sites in Bursa and Istanbul for our visitors from abroad. Bursa is Joomy's hometown, but it is also an international tourist destination for other reasons. It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and therefore has a multitude of beautiful mosques, tombs, and bazaars. Istanbul needs no explanation, but just in case: Istanbul is the cultural hub of Turkey, a city at the intersection of two continents, and the home of abundant Byzantine and Ottoman historical sites. It is also internationally recognized as the place Joomy went to high school.


The wedding will start at 7:30pm and end at midnight. There will not be a ceremony.

Vaccination Mandate

The wedding in Bursa will be entirely outdoors, weather permitting. However, we may have to move indoors if it rains. Therefore, we require vaccination to protect you, our guests, and our families.

Wedding Registry

Your presence is your gift! However, if you want to give us a second gift, here are a few options:

Especially if you are buying airplane tickets to come to one or both of our weddings, please do not feel obligated to get us an additional gift!

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